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Our Books listing contains literature relating to Washington County NY history, genealogy, folklore and inhabitants. Our new Cemetery Books are listed in the left column underneath our publications.


232 Our 2017-2018 Washington County Historic Calendar
Published October 2016.
All 17 Towns are represented in the Calendar. This our first Calendar since 1984. Featured throughout are photos of historic structures or events from each town in Wasington County. Price $8.41

3 The Autobiography of an American Family
Edith Hay Wyckoff.
Includes the Real Story of the Dramatic Rescue of Solomon Northup! A chronicle dating from 1788 extracted from 150 letters and ten generations of the Northup family. The author provides detailed accounts of their move from Rhode Island to Washington County New York, daily life in Sandy Hill (Hudson Falls), New York, travels on the Erie Canal Packets, Civil War experiences and the rescue of the kidnapped Solomon Northup from slavery in Louisiana.
2000, hardcover & dustjacket, 61 illustrations, extensive index, 288 pgs.
$30.00, Reduced Price $15.00

4 Guide to Historic Houses of Worship
Ted Corbett.
Photographs and concise histories of twenty houses of worship in Washington County, NY.
1992, illus., soft cover (9"x5"), 32pgs.

228 Hartford, New York- Its Origin and Early Settlement
by Frederic K. Patton.
Reliance has been placed on deeds, mortgages, wills, legal papers, and other materials not readily available from common sources.
Illus. softcover, 104 pgs., pub. 2007.

6 History of Washington County, NY 1878 - Crisfield Johnson. The classic detailed history of Washington County, NY from 1737 - 1878; reprint 1984, hardcover, (not indexed but available) 504 pgs. $50.00

7 Index to History of Washington County, NY 1878 - The needed Index. Sexton & Parrott, 1984, hardcover 79pgs. $12.00

187 History of Washington County, NY 1878 and index - Both books special for one price! - $55.00

267 Letters to Lura: 1850's Life, Death & Publishing and The Jane McCrea Story
by Doris Putnam Lasselle.
Lura Boies began her correspondence with Judge William Hay of Saratoga in 1856 and it continued until her death at the age of 24 in 1859.
2010. softcover, 177pgs.

8 Old days, Old Ways
Fred Stiles.
The popular, profusely illustrated and entertaining account of life around the South Bay area of Lake Champlain and Ft. Ann, NY in the early 1900's.
1984, hardcover, 136pgs.

9 Reminiscences of the 123rd Reg. N.Y.S.V.
Sgt. Henry C. Morhous.
A history of the regiment during its three years service in the Civil War. Appendix contains listings of the regiment. Originally published in 1879.
Edition limited to 750 in 1995, hardcover, 220pgs.

12 Sto-Lat - 100 Years on River Street (Hudson Falls and Glens Falls, NY)
Alice Loughlin.
Story of the Polish - Lithuanian settlement along the River Street area of Sandy Hill (Hudson Falls) and Lower Warren Street In Warren county.
1996, hardcover, map, 25 photos, 117pgs.

13 1853 Levey Washington County Map
Includes landowners at the time of the survey.
Reprint 21" x 29" printed on heavy paper.

15 Birds-Eye View Print of Fort Edward in 1759 (31" x 23")
Shows the fortifications - drawn by George LaMere, 1930.

188 2004 WCHS Annual Journal
Features: "The Scientific Investigation of Jane McCrea" by David R. Starbuck; Master Lansing Prouty by Tricia Barbagallo; "The Baltimores and The Henrys" by Kenneth A. Perry; " Charles Wesley Ross" by D. Reid Ross; "A Member of Union College" by Sue Brennan & Jeanne Winston Adler; Three Poems by Elisabeth Cluff
96 pages, softcover.

223 2006 WCHS Annual Journal
Features: "A Granville Farmstead" by Theodore Corbett, "I remember That" by Warren J. Cardwell, and "The Reid Line"
by D. Reid Ross
96 pages, softcover.

229 2007 WCHS Annual Journal
Features: "Granville in Tumoil" by Theodore C. Corbett, "Christmas Memories" by R. Paul McCarty, "The Great Burning" by Paul R. Loding, "We Should Know Their History" by Michael Russert, "Remembering Jane McCrea" by Doris Lassell, and William Ward's "Famine" letter by Sue Brennan and Jeanne Winston Adler
96 pages, softcover.

246 2008 WCHS Annual Journal
Features: "Colonial America at War!" by David Starbuck; Christmas Pudding by Agnes Peterson; "What's That You Say? I Can't Hear Ya!" by Jeffrey Jones; "Salem's Forgotten African Americans" by William Cormier; "Four Reids and One Ross" by D. Reid Ross; The Civil War Diary of Sarah Fitch Poates by Eleanor Lourie
95 pages, softcover.

257 2009 WCHS Annual Journal
Features: " Susquehanna Tradition in the Town of Salem" by Harry Orlyk; "The Cosseys of Lake Champlain" by Erica Wolfe Burke; "A Bill of Lading" by Kathleen Washburn McCarty; "A Whitehall Night Watchman's Book" by Carol Senecal; "The Changing Boundaries of Washington County" by John Mead; "Memories of Early Argyle" by Sue Brennan; "A Very Old Calf's Skin" by Philip Brown
95 pages, softcover.

263 2010 WCHS Annual Journal
Features: " Women's Work" by Pat Duncan; "A Boy's Life in Hebron, 1855" by Dale Prouty; "Slaveholder's Son to Ardent Abolitionist" by Debi Craig; ""Joiners Wanted"" by William Krattinger; "The McCloy Letters" by William Cormier; "
95 pages, softcover, Illustrated.

302 2012 WCHS Annual Journal
Features: From Pearl Harbor to Toyko Bay: Recording the Voices of World War 11 (Part One) by Matthew Rozell; Sunday School Picnic, 1925 by Carol Wever Skiff; Samuel Heath of Cambridge: Passionate Revolutionary by Craig Blackman; A Young Clerk in Canal-Boat Days: Working at Hudson Falls' Griffin Lumber Company, ca. 1900 by Paul McCarty and Sue Brennan; "Hiding" in the Records: Washington's African-American Civil War Soldiers (Part Two) by Kenneth Perry "
95 pages, softcover, Illustrated.

338 2013 WCHS Annual Journal
Features: Fort Miller's Vanished Mansion by William Krattinger; From Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay (Part 2) by Matthew Rozzell; The Hermit of Hebron by Ann Shapiro; A Young Clerk in Turn-of-the-Century Hudson Falls (Part 2) by Paul McCarty & Sue Brennan; The Battle of Fort Ann by Karl Crannell, Christopher Fox, Paul Loding and Christopher Martin "
95 pages, softcover, Illustrated.

337 2014 WCHS Annual Journal
Features: Early Printing in Washington County, 1794-1825,with an emphasis on Salem Newspapers by Erica Wolfe Burke; Buam's March to Disaster: "Turning Point" of the British Campaign of 1777 by Patrick Niles; A young Girl's World, 1925: Pauline Berry's Shushan Diary by Edie Baldwin Meikle; From Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay: Recording the voices of World War II (Part 3) by Matthew Rozell "
85 pages, softcover, Illustrated.

341 2015 WCHS Annual Journal
Features: Shay's Rebellion Comes to New York by Steven Butz; Farmer, Carpenter, Soldier & Churchman: Coila's George Laurie by Molly R. McDonald; A Look at Early Cheese Manufacturing in the Town of Granville by Edith Sparling; War on New York's Northern Frontier by D. Reid Ross; History of the Fort Edward Union School by R. Paul McCarty
83 pages, softcover, Illustrated.

357 2016 WCHS Annual Journal
Features: Revolution, Civil War, The 1777 Burgoyne Campaign ad the forging of an American County's Idnetity by Brad Niles; Early Salem Architecture and the Mysterious Sturbridge Connection by William Krattinger; Halfway Home by Bernard Noble.
70 pages, softcover, Illustrated.

245 1866 Atlas of Washington County, NY.
This is a CD consisting of 36 pages in PDF format with excellent definition. It is easily magnified to read individual property names and locations.

1878 Town Histories Series of
Washington County, New York

Reprints of the Town Sections Of the "History of Washington County, NY 1878."

355 Cambridge, New York 1878
This is a reprint from the History of Washington County, NY 1878, with an 1866 Map of the town.
$9.95 spiral bound, 37pgs.

347 Salem, New York 1878
This is a reprint from the History of Washington County, NY 1878, with an 1866 Map of the town.
$9.95 spiral bound, 96pgs.

Cemetery Book Records of
Washington County, New York

In 1990 Charles and Gaynelle Moore began the systematic reading and recording of gravestones in the cemeteries of Washington County, NY. After almost 20 years of dodging rainstorms and swatting mosquitoes, the job was completed in 2009. The 17th and final township, Town of Granville, NY was finished in September of 2009 and published in December. The Towns previously completed are: Argyle, Cambridge, Dresden, Putnam, Easton, Fort Ann, Fort Edward, Greenwich, Hampton, Hartford, Hebron, Jackson, White Creek, Kingsbury, Salem and Whitehall.

The cemetery books are listed below.

306 Argyle, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Revised 1998. Cemeteries include: Austin, Carl (Powers), Coughlan, County Home, Davis, Hopkins, Kilmer, Lick Springs (Watson), McEachron (Cossayuna Lake), McMullen, North Argyle, Old North Argyle, Prospect Hill, Scotch, So. Argyle Church.
Over 6350 names, maps, indexed, 177 pgs.

307 Cambridge, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Cemeteries include: Carpenter and Trip, Corey Eddy Farm, Dennis, Dickinson, Durfee, Fort, G. W. Bassett, King, Mayhew, North Cambridge, Old Turnpike, Pratt, Saint Patricks, Skinner, So. Cambridge, Whiteside, Woodlands; .
Over 14000 names, maps, indexed, 282 pgs.

308 Dresden and Putnam, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Cemeteries include in Dresden: Allen, Barber, Barrett, Bluff Head, Brown, Charles Bartholomew, Chase, Clemons, Cooper, Crockwell, Dresden Station, Edgar Steele, General Barrett, Gregory, Holcomb, Huletts Landing, Huntington, Hurlburt, Jelliffe, Knight Mausoleum, Slavin, South Bay, Steele, Stockwell, Tracy, Walker, Wilbur. In Putnam: Blanchard, Free Will Baptist, Gull Bay Farm, Meadow Knoll, United Presbyterian.
Over 2250 names, maps, indexed, 92 pgs.

309 Easton, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
NEW 2002. Cemeteries include: Abel, Adelbert Coffin, Anderson, Baird/Lockwood, Benson, Bigelow, Bottom, Briggs-Tabor, Brownell, Butler/Wade, Carr Farm, Chapin/Meader, Chase, Cook, Delavergne/Harwood, Dennis, Duel, Easton Rural-Quaker, Freeman, Galesville, George Brownell, Gifford Burying Ground, Handey, Henderson Farm, Hoag, James, Norton, Osborn, Petteys, Pierce Farm, Potter, Rathbun, Reformed Church, Rich, Robinson, Rogers, Ross, Schnoop Farm, Slade Farm, Slave Burying Ground, Slocum, Snell, VanBuren Farm, Vandenburg, VanSchaick, Verbeck, Washburn, Wells Farm, Wilbur, Will Harrington, Williams, Wright Farm .
Over 1500 names, map, indexed, 68 pgs.

310 Fort Ann, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Revised 1999. Cemeteries include: Ashley, Blossom Farm, Brown, Fish Hill, Fort Ann, Gillett, Goodell, Granger, Haskins (Sheldon), Hogsback Mtn., Hogtown Road, Irish, Kibbee, Mills, Needhamville, Otis, Quarry Road, Sly Pond, Spicer, VanWormer, Welch Hollow, West, Weller.
Over 4700 names, indexed, 127 pgs.

311 Fort Edward, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
New in 1999. Cemeteries include: Ellis, Fort Edward Center, Riverside, St. Joseph's, St. Mary's, State Street, Union
24,000 names, maps, indexed, 445 pgs.

312 Granville, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
NEW 2009. Cemeteries include: Bethany, Congregational, DeKalb, Elmwood, Episcopal, Friends Yard, Green Meeting House, Hill, Lee Farm, Masonic, Mettowee Valley, Mount Carmel, North Granville, Old Yard, Prouty, Reynolds, St. Peter & Paul, St. Patrick, Tanner, Taylor Hill.
Over 13,500 names, maps, indexed, 312 pgs. Last in the Series for Washington County, NY

313 Greenwich, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
NEW 2001. Cemeteries include: Alpheus Barber Farm, Andrew Richards, Bert McKernon, Beveridge, Blake,Bottskill Baptist, Caleb Wright, Charles Rogers, Christie, Cossayuna, Daniel Tefft Farm, Dwelle, East Greenwich, Elijah Clough Farm, G.P. Lansing, George Fisher Farm, Greenwich, Hillman, Horace, Wright Farm, Horton Barber Farm, John Tull, Joseph Barbur, Judson Edie, Koert Foster Farm, Louisa Barber Farm, Nathan Tucker, Preston Sauerts, Salisbury, Sand Street, St. Josephs, Tefft, William Hartshorn
over 12,300 names, maps, indexed, 246 pgs.

314 Hampton, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
2009. Cemeteries include: Burdick (Hampton Flats), Hampton Hill (Warren), Low Hampton (Miller, Webster (Reed), Route 22A Hooker.
Over 900 Names, indexed, 26 pgs.

315 Hartford, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Revised 1996. Cemeteries include: Briggs, Dixson/Fuller, East Hartford, Goodell, Henderson, Mason, Moon, Morningside, New Adamsville, Old Adamsville, Old Hartford, Pratt, Sike, Sill, South Hartford, Townsend, West Hartford
3970 names, map, indexed, 116 pgs.

320 Hebron, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
2009.Cemeteries include: Baldridge, Belcher Methodist, Braymer, Burch, Button, Carey, Darrow, Downing, Duel, Eagleton, Fitzpatrick, Fuller, Glasier, Hannibal, Hopkins, Hurd, Methodist Church, Morehouse, Munson, New Hebron, North Hebron, Northup, Old Carey Farm, Old Hebron, Parrish, Porter, Shaw, Slateville, Smith, Smith Pond, Steve Sheldon's Farm, Tiplady, Vance, Wood
3390 names, maps, indexed, 118 pgs.

316 Jackson & White Creek, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
New in 2000. Cemeteries include: Ash Grove, Babcock, Barker Farm, Bowen,Briggs, Center White Creek, Chase, Cole, Cornell, Dutch Ref.Church, Fowler, Harrington, Hutchins, Jermain Hill Farm, Lake, Old Center White Creek, Old White Church, Quaker, Rosewood, School House, Wells or Coulter.
Over 2300 names, maps, indexed, 80 pgs.

317 Kingsbury, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Cemeteries include: Baker, Brayton, Colvin, Harris, King, Kingsbury, Moss Street, Saint Pauls, Vaughn, Wood, Zion Episcopal; NOTE: Hudson Falls, NY the largest village in Washington Co., lies in the Town of Kingsbury. However, the principal cemetery for Hudson Falls citizens is Union Cemetery which is in the Town of Fort Edward and is included in the Fort Edward book
2009. 11 cemeteries, 5950 names, maps, indexed, 145 pgs.

318 Salem, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
New 2006. Cemeteries include: Camden Valley, Cleveland Yard, Eagleville, Holy Cross, McNitt, Revolutionary War, Old Burying Ground, Evergreen.
Over 10,000 names, indexed, 184 pgs.

319 Whitehall, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Updated 1998. Cemeteries include: Brown, Bartholomew, Beckwith/Benjamin, Boardman, Brick Church, Burt/Benjamin, Collins, Elbow, Eldridge, Falkenbury, Gould (Cleamons), Greenmount, Griswold, Hatch, Hill, J. W. Collins, Juckett, Mansfield, Neddo, Old Adams, Our Lady of Angels, Perry (Pangmon Hill), Putney, Sciota, Turnpike Road, Virgil, Waldron Road, Williams Street, Wood Creek (Kinner), Wright.
Over 9215 names, maps, indexed, 235 pgs. limited reprint.


327 Argyle, 1764 - 2014: Compiled & edited through the Argyle Historian's Office
Contains original photographs, notations and anecdotes including such aspects as ice harvesting, village lamplighter, agriculture, Durkeetown, Summit Lake, cemeteries and the orginal deed.
Softcover 2013, Illus. 82 pages.

333 Along the Battenkill new
by William A. Cormier
An "Images of America" series. The Battenkill Valley, in the southern part of Washington County, NY, is the historical backdrop to many homesteading settlers as well as the Mohawk and Mahican tribes.
Published 2014; 127 pgs., Illustrated.

Lincoln's Veteran Volunteers Win the War
by D. Reid Ross
An important book on the Civil War!
450 pgs., Illustrated, Indexed. Read Review

274 The American Woman: Her Role During the Revolutionary War
by Esther Perica
A concise Introduction and overview of the activities of the women of America during the period between 1770 and 1780.
1981, 62 pgs., softcover, index.

280 Ancestors and Descendants of Justus Akin and his Two Wives Elizabeth Briggs and Mary Cory, Allied Families Gillis, Lewis, Mitchell, Mosher, Weir.
Compiled by Jane C. Whitaker.
Softcover, 213 pgs. illus., 1997.

271 Around Cambridge, White Creek, and Jackson
The Cambridge Valley has always been united and divided, each community holding tightly to its identity. In 1773, the Cambridge District was formed, comprised of the current towns of Cambridge, White Creek and Jackson. In 1788, the area became the Town of Cambridge in Albany County and was annexed to Washington County in 1791. The area was divided into the present town boundaries in 1816. The three communities of Cambridge, North White Creek, and Dorr's Corners, though each only three-quarters of a mile from the next, did not unite into the Village of Cambridge until 1866. Today the village spans the boundaries of the three townships but still divides itself into the east End and the West End. Ken Gottry's ancestors, the Van Ness, Woodworth, and Hitchcock families, have been associated with the Cambridge area since its founding. His father was historian for the village, town and church, leaving a large collection to the village archives and public library. Much of the content of this book comes from material his father amassed in the mid 1900s.
2010, softcover, 126 pgs.

22 Asa Fitch and the Emergence of American Entomology
Jeffrey K. Bames.
A biography of the first salaried professional entomolgist in the US.
1988, softcover, 120 pgs.

359 Barnheart, A Memoir
by Jenna Woginrich
Meet Jenna Woginrich, homestead farmer, writer, graphic artist, fiddle player, and who blogs at www.coldantlerfarm.blogspot.com. "Reading Jenna Woginrich's memoir gives me hope for the future of food and farming in our country. Young farmers such as Woginrich have the energy, optimism, and desire to start small farms, to grow food, and to help turn around our rather sad agricultural state. Bravo.." Kurt Timmermeister
2011, paper, Illus. 184 pp.$14.95.

28 Champlain Canal: Mules to Tugboats
by Capt. Fred G. Godfrey
The Champlain Canal was completed from Fort Edward toWhitehall at the end of 1819, superseded by the Barge Canal in 1915. Little is known of the daily life of the canal boat families who made a living on this vibrant waterway and of the business that grew up along its shores. This book chronicles the Canal with in depth descriptions of canal boats, methods, equipment, locks, canal towns and their people. This book is a classic just restocked in 2013.
1994, hardcover, Illus. 123 pp.
Reduced Price! $9.35.

226 The Covered Bridges of Washington County, New York
by Robert G. McIntosh
Spiral bound, 62 pages with maps, photographs, drawings and text, published August, 2007.

279 Descendants of Robert Weir & Elizabeth Green of Old Cambridge, White Creek Washington County, NY.
Compiled by Jane Whitaker.
Softcover, 130 pgs. illus., 1996.

336 Diary of Jabez Fitch, JR in the French and Indian War, 1757
His Diary during the French and Indian War. One of the important things the reader gets from Fitch is how often he moves while at Fort Edward and Roger's Island. He spends much of his time here at different sites, some in tents, some in huts. So as you read you get an idea of how unsettled he and his fellow soldiers were.
Softcover, 57 pgs. illus.

New Publication345 Early Families of Washington County, NY: The Spencers of Granville, NY
Margaret Jenks
Beginning page: Abner Spencer, Jeremia Sr. & Hannah (?) Spencer, Capt. Phineas & Elcy (Farnsworth) Spencer, Alexander & Deborah (Farnsworth) Spencer, Jeremiah 2nd & Thankful (Hinckley) Spencer, Alpheus & Hannah (?) Spencer of Westfiels- Fort Ann, Eli & Chloe (Thompson) Dibble.
Illus., hardcover 2014, 247 pgs.

346 Early Families of Washington County, NY: Stephen Reynolds of Ganville, NY
Margaret Jenks
and Henry Rice of Hebron, NY and related families of Kenyon, Cole and Wightman. Illus., spiral bound 2013, 244 pgs.

New Publication362 The Electric Fencing Handbook
by Ann Larkin Hansen
Whether you're a gardner, rancher, farmer, homesteader, or beekeeper, you'll find all the answers to your fencing questions in the pratical guide. Illus., softcover 2017, 95 pgs.

235 Fate of Family Farming
Ronald Jager
We stand at an important crossroads in American agriculture that will affect the way every citizen eats. This book may help us find our way.
2004, 244 pgs.

37 Feeder Canal - Fun, Facts and Folklore
Michael LaCross.
History and Tales along the Glens Falls Feeder Canal.
24 pgs.

The Fitch Gazetteer
Kenneth A. Perry
An Annotated Index to the Manuscript History of Washington County, New York

38 Volume I, softcover, 566 pgs. $47.00
39 Volume II, softcover, 529 pgs. $40.50
40 Volume III, softcover, 529 pgs. $47.00
Volume IV, softcover, 601 pgs. $49.00

44 Fort Edward & Sandy Hill in the Nineteenth Century
softcover, 1997, illustrated with photos, 47 pgs.

47 Fugitive Deckhand Fred Godfrey
novel of the canalways of NYS.
1990, hardcover, 190 pgs.

189 Growing Up Country
by Dorothy Offensend
The life of the author from 1914 until 2004, it tells what it was like living on a farm in the early 20th century, the hardships experienced during the "Great Derpression", the ups and downs and how she handled them.
460 pgs. 151 pictures softcover,

50 Hartford, New York A Pictorial History
1976, map,Illus. 73 pgs.

52 A History of the Glens Falls Feeder Canal
Michael LaCross
Softcover, 1997, 32 pp.

250 A Home in the Battenkill Valley - The Earlier Years of Susan B. Anthony
by Theodore Corbett.
This book is about Susan B. Anthony, the renowned crusader for women's rights. In her formative years, from 1826 to 1845, she lived in the Battenkill Valley at Battenville, Center Falls and Greenwich. The book describes how Susan grew up in a house that still stands, which overlooked a mill yard complex. The Panic of 1837 ruined her family's investment in the mill and their home, and ultimately in 1845 the Anthonys were forced to move to Rochester, NY. Thus, it was in the Battenville region that Susan first developed a respect for temperance, abolition, and the condition of working women, causes that would ultimately lead her to become a warrior for women's suffrage.
Illustrated, 72 pgs, paperback

56 The House-Wifes Skill in Cookery
G. Markam, reprint, softcover pamphlet, 31 pgs.

339 The 123rd Regiment N.Y.V.I. 1862-1865 Their Story by Edie Baldwin Meikl
"History buff and one-time Captain in the U.S. Army, Civil War enthusiast Edie Meikle has brought to the reader in this short history of the Washington County 123rd Regiment N.Y.V.I, not only a time table of the 123rd battles, but memories of her visits to Civil War National Parks and conversations with park historians. In this book she chronicles these events beginning in 1862 and ending in 1865.... Her descriptions of a soldier's daily life in camp and on the battlefield, relate the tedium, as well as the chaos and destruction, of war."
71 pages. softcover Pub. 2015

303 The Hulett Hotel Fire on Lake George
by George Kapusinsk.
On a clear November day in 1915, the Hulett Hotel on Lake George, NY caught fire and burned to the ground. Quickly rebuilt, the new Hulett became a popular tourist destination. However, after the rebuilding, a mysterious figure claimed that the hotel's owner, William H. Wyatt, had paid him to start the fire. Almost a century later an illustration of Abraham Lincoln has been discovered, with pictures taped to its back that vividly capture the events surrounding the fire and the hotel's reconstruction. George Kapusinski investigates these strange dealings in detail, including the sensational arson trial, new photographic evidence and a 1912 Wyatt hotel fire that occurred in a nearby Vermont town.
2012, 155 pgs., Illus. softcover.

364 NEW Install Your Own Solar Panels
by Jeseph Burdick & Philip Schmidt
This fully illustrated step-by-step guide provides the essential advice you need to successfully install your own solar array. The book takes you all the way from assessing your own site, desiging your system, and getting a permit to shopping parts and installing the modules. 2017, softcover, illus. 190 pgs.

63 Johnny Appleseed
Will Moses
2001, hardcover, illus. 48 pgs.

New Publication344 Letters Home: The 123rd NY Infantry in the Atlanta Campaign"
This book is dedicated to the soldiers of the 123rd New York -  and especially to those still lying in the Southern Graves who never went home. Content: 1. Introduction, 2. History of the 123rd NY Infantry, 3. Letters from the Atlanta Campaign, 4. Letters from the March to the Sea. Appendix with photos. soft cover, 77pgs, illustrated, $12.95

68 "Liberty or Death!" The Northern Campaigns in the American Revolutionary War
Gregory T. Edgar
Built around excerpts from surviving accounts written by Americans, Germans, and British, it documents the struggle for control of the vital south-north waterway running from New York to Quebec, from the Hudson River through lake George and Champlain to the Canadian rivers Richelieu and St. Lawrence.
1994 softcover, 397 pp.

69 Linen Threads & Broom Twines: Vol. 1 (The Album)
William T. Ruddock
An Irish & American Album and Directory of the People of the Dunbarton Mill, Greenwich, New York, 1879-1952 (2 Volumes)

70 Linen Threads & Broom Twines: Vol. 2 (The Directory)
William T. Ruddock
An Irish & American Album and Directory of the People of the Dunbarton Mill, Greenwich, New York, 1879-1952 (2 Volumes)

360 NEW Made From Scratch, Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life
by Jenna Woginrich
(homesteader, Washington County, NY)
"Part humorous memoir, part how-to manual, and wholly inspiring. By slowing down and learning to produce her own food from start to finish, Woginrich uncovers alternatives not just for eating or a lifestyle, but also for finding joy." Tampa Tribune
2009, softcover, illustrated, 200 pgs.

230 Marching to Save Nation, the 123rd New York Infantry
by Jeffrey H. Jones
Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Tennessee Guerrilla Warefare, Atlanta Campaign, March to the Sea, Carolinas Campaign.
2007, softcover, photos, 409 pgs., notes, bibliog., appendix.

73 The Making of American Resorts: Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa, Lake George
Theodore Corbett
2001, softcover, illus., 285 pgs.

75 Memoir and Official Correspondence of Gen. John Stark
Caleb Stark, (1877) reprint, new full name and subject index, softcover 528pp.

239 Memories of Early Sandy Hill
by Orson G. Richards, ed. Loretta Bates.
(now Hudson Falls, NY) 2007, Spiral bound, 146 pgs. Illus.

82 Old Fort Edward
William H. Hill
reprint of 1929 edition, hardcover, 383 pp.

358 One Woman Farm
by Jenna Woginrich

"Jenna's lovingly written, candidly poignant memoir of a year in the life of her farm is full of honesty, triumphs, travails, and seasoned advice. I didn't want to put it down." Ashley English. 2013, hardcover, photos, 208 pgs.

84 Old Lake George Hotels
Betty Ahearn Buckell
1986, softcover, photos, 99 pgs.

254 Our History
Agnes Peterson
A Series of Articles Written for the Monthly Newsletter of the Dresden Baptist Church of Clemons, New York, 11/17/2000 to 1/15/2008
2009, softcover, photos, 99 pgs.

77 Next Year in Salem: A Chronicle of the Home Front During World War II 1940-1945.
Life in Salem, New York was much like a N. Rockwell painting. The stories and rare photographs found here put a face on history.
Hardcover, 189 pgs.

86 One Hundred Years of the George Satterlee Hose Company 1874-1974
compiled by Fred G. Godfrey
44 pgs.

87 Pages from My Pawlett (VT) Scrapbook
Dorothy B. Offensend
1998, softcover, 246 pgs.

184 Pages from My Pawlett (VT) Scrapbook Book 2
Dorothy B. Offensend
2002, softcover, 246 pgs.

90 The Pember
Delight Gartlein and Alan Pistonus
The story of this museum of natural history in Granville, NY.
1996, softcover, 95 pgs.

New Publication342 Portraits of Poverty
Loretta Bates
History and abstracts of the intimate Registration Certificates from the Washington County, NY Poorhouse 1875-1900. Over 1600 people were admitted to the County Poor House from 1875 to 1900. Includes names, ages, when admitted and discharged, occupation, where born and comments.
2015, softcover.

211 Saratoga Reader
Field Horne
Writing about an American Village 1749 - 1900
Illus. 2004, softcover, 284 pgs.

99 Sailors, Waterways and Tugboats I have Known - The New York State Barge Canal System
by Capt. Fred G. Godfrey.
This book records the way of life aboard small crafts on the canals of New York State, the Hudson River and New Jersey ports. It details the changes in tugboats, barges and commercial transportation all of which are now a part of history.
Hardcover, 142 pgs. Illus., maps, index. Recently restocked 2011!

102 So, Ye Want To Be A Reenactor? A Living History Handbook
Brenton and Karen Kemmer
A common sense approach to getting started in reenacting.
2001, softcover, 149 pgs.

103 Stuff
Betty Ahearn Buckell1992, softcover, 175 pgs.

112 The Thistle and the Eagle
Karen A. Kirkpatrick
The story of the Scottish Founders of the Bay Road Presbyterian Church near Lake George, NY.
2000, softcover, illus., 96 pgs.

343 Those Called Paupers
Loretta Bates
Between 1829 and 1850 over 600 children were in the Indentured Program of the County Poor House in Washington County, NY. This book lists names, birth dates, ages, comments, towns taken to, and to whom indentured.
2013, softcover, illus., 168 pgs.

363 Timber Frame Construction, All about Post-and-Beam Building
by Jack Sobon and Roger Sobon
If you have only dreamed about the beauty of building with timbers, this book will open your eyes. It will convince you that this method is not only practical today for homes and othe buildings, but often is less expensive than "stick building."
1984, softcover, illus., 204 pgs.

113 Twelve Years a Slave
by Solomon Northup.
Born a free man in New York State in 1808, Solomon Northup was kidnapped in Washington, D. C. in 1841. He spent the next 12 harrowing years of his life as a slave on a Louisiana cotton plantation. During this time he was frequently abused and often afraid for his life. After regaining his freedom in 1853, Northup decided to publish this gripping autobiographical account of his captivity.
1970, softcover, 336 pgs.
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118 Washington’s Farewell: The Final Parting with his Officers after Victory in the Revolution
Stuart Murray
Hardcover, illus. 216 pgs.

179 The Western Vermont Slate Belt: Fair Haven
Dorothy Backus Offensend
Softcover, 2003, 90 pgs.