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WCHS 2018 Annual Journal

2018 WCHS Annual Journal

  • "When Pigs Fly" by William Cormier
  • "First World War Records of Greenwich & Easton"
    by Helen L. Morey & Agnes E.M. Oatman
  • "Abraham Wing, Pioneer" by David Roberts & J. Paul McCarty
  • "Washington County's Official Flag: A Brief History"
    by Loretta Bates
  • "The Fort Miller Baptist Church: Its History, Leadership & Membership" by Ross J. Williams

WCHS 2017 Annual Journal

2017 WCHS Annual Journal

  • "The Big Swamp: A Personal Memoir" by J. E. Daly
  • "Dutch Easton: Excerpts from Jane Betsey Welling's 'They Were Here Too'" by William Krattinger
  • "The Northern Turnpike: Historic New York State Route 22"
    by William Cormier
  • "Argyle: No traffic lights and no Alcohol"
    by Cassandre Passinault Caputo
Cover image: Lewis W. Hine, Immigrant worker on NY Barge Canal.

WCHS 2016 Annual Journal

2016 WCHS Annual Journal

  • "Revolution, Civil War, The 1777 Burgoyne Campaign and the Forging of An American County's Identity" by Brad Niles
  • "Early Salem Architecture and the Mysterious Sturbridge Connection" by William Krattinger
  • "Halfway Home" by Benard Noble

WCHS 2015 Annual Journal

2015 WCHS Annual Journal

  • "Shays' Rebellion Comes to New York" by Steven Butz
  • "Farmer, Carpenter, Soldier & Churchman: Coila's George Laurie" by Molly R. McDonald
  • "A Look at Early Cheese Manufacturing in the town of Granville" by Edith Sparling
  • "War on New York's Northern Frontier" by D. Reid Ross
  • "History of the Fort Edward Union School" by R. Paul McCarty

2014 WCHS Annual Journal

  • "Early Printing in Washington County, 1794-1825, with an emphasis on Salem Newspapers"
    by Erica Wolfe Burke;
  • "Buam's March to Disaster: 'Turning Point' of the British Campaign of 1777" by Patrick Niles;
  • "A young Girl's World, 1925: Pauline Berry's Shushan Diary" by Edie Baldwin Meikle;
  • "From Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay: Recording the voices of World War II (Part 3)" by Matthew Rozell
85 pages, softcover, Illustrated.

2013 WCHS Annual Journal

  • "Fort Miller's Vanished Mansion by William Krattinger; From Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay (Part 2)"
    by Matthew Rozzell;
  • "The Hermit of Hebron by Ann Shapiro; A Young Clerk in Turn-of-the-Century Hudson Falls (Part 2)"
    by Paul McCarty & Sue Brennan;
  • "The Battle of Fort Ann" by Karl Crannell, Christopher Fox, Paul Loding and Christopher Martin
95 pages, softcover, Illustrated.

2012 WCHS Annual Journal

  • "From Pearl Harbor to Toyko Bay: Recording the Voices of World War 11 (Part One)" by Matthew Rozell
  • "Sunday School Picnic, 1925" by Carol Wever Skiff
  • "Samuel Heath of Cambridge: Passionate Revolutionary" by Craig Blackman
  • "A Young Clerk in Canal-Boat Days: Working at Hudson Falls' Griffin Lumber Company", ca. 1900
    by Paul McCarty and Sue Brennan
  • "Hiding in the Records: Washington's African-American Civil War Soldiers (Part Two)" by Kenneth Perry
95 pages, softcover, Illustrated.

2010 WCHS Annual Journal

  • "Women's Work" by Pat Duncan
  • "A Boy's Life in Hebron, 1855" by Dale Prouty
  • "Slaveholder's Son to Ardent Abolitionist" by Debi Craig
  • "Joiners Wanted" by William Krattinger
  • "The McCloy Letters" by William Cormier
95 pages, softcover, Illustrated.

2009 WCHS Annual Journal

  • " Susquehanna Tradition in the Town of Salem" by Harry Orlyk
  • "The Cosseys of Lake Champlain" by Erica Wolfe Burke
  • "A Bill of Lading" by Kathleen Washburn McCarty
  • "A Whitehall Night Watchman's Book" by Carol Senecal
  • "The Changing Boundaries of Washington County" by John Mead
  • "Memories of Early Argyle" by Sue Brennan;
  • "A Very Old Calf's Skin" by Philip Brown
95 pages, softcover.

2008 WCHS Annual Journal

  • "Colonial America at War!" by David Starbuck; Christmas Pudding by Agnes Peterson
  • "What's That You Say? I Can't Hear Ya!" by Jeffrey Jones
  • "Salem's Forgotten African Americans" by William Cormier
  • "Four Reids and One Ross" by D. Reid Ross
  • "The Civil War Diary of Sarah Fitch Poates" by Eleanor Lourie
95 pages, softcover.

2007 WCHS Annual Journal

  • "Granville in Tumoil" by Theodore C. Corbett
  • "Christmas Memories" by R. Paul McCarty
  • "The Great Burning" by Paul R. Loding
  • "We Should Know Their History" by Michael Russert
  • "Remembering Jane McCrea" by Doris Lassell
  • "William Ward's 'Famine' letter" by Sue Brennan and Jeanne Winston Adler
96 pages, softcover.

2006 WCHS Annual Journal

  • "A Granville Farmstead" by Theodore Corbett
  • "I remember That" by Warren J. Cardwell
  • "The Reid Line" by D. Reid Ross
96 pages, softcover.

2004 WCHS Annual Journal

  • "The Scientific Investigation of Jane McCrea" by David R. Starbuck
  • "Master Lansing Prouty" by Tricia Barbagallo
  • "The Baltimores and The Henrys" by Kenneth A. Perry
  • "Charles Wesley Ross" by D. Reid Ross
  • "A Member of Union College" by Sue Brennan & Jeanne Winston Adler
  • "Three Poems" by Elisabeth Cluff
96 pages, softcover.

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