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Cemetery Book Records of Washington County, New York

In 1990 Charles and Gaynelle Moore began the systematic reading and recording of gravestones in the cemeteries of Washington County, NY. After almost 20 years of dodging rainstorms and swatting mosquitoes, the job was completed in 2009. The 17th and final township, Town of Granville, NY was finished in September of 2009 and published in December. The Towns previously completed are: Argyle, Cambridge, Dresden, Putnam, Easton, Fort Ann, Fort Edward, Greenwich, Hampton, Hartford, Hebron, Jackson, White Creek, Kingsbury, Salem and Whitehall.

Index of Deaths in the Cemeteries of Washington County, NY (3 volumes)
Steve Lapham, WCHS administrator
This index is split into three volumes and contains approximately 115,759 records in 1,259 pages, and is a compilation of all fifteen Washington County Cemetery Book indexes (listed below). Each record in the Index contains the name, death date, cemetery name and township. Thus, each record references the cemetery book that contains further information on the deceased. Please note that blank or incomplete information in a record is due to unreadable grave stones or from old surveys.

Argyle, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Revised 1998. Cemeteries include: Austin, Carl (Powers), Coughlan, County Home, Davis, Hopkins, Kilmer, Lick Springs (Watson), McEachron (Cossayuna Lake), McMullen, North Argyle, Old North Argyle, Prospect Hill, Scotch, So. Argyle Church.
Over 6350 names, maps, indexed, 177 pgs.

Cambridge, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Cemeteries include: Carpenter and Trip, Corey Eddy Farm, Dennis, Dickinson, Durfee, Fort, G. W. Bassett, King, Mayhew, North Cambridge, Old Turnpike, Pratt, Saint Patricks, Skinner, So. Cambridge, Whiteside, Woodlands; .
Over 14000 names, maps, indexed, 282 pgs.

Dresden and Putnam, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Cemeteries include in Dresden: Allen, Barber, Barrett, Bluff Head, Brown, Charles Bartholomew, Chase, Clemons, Cooper, Crockwell, Dresden Station, Edgar Steele, General Barrett, Gregory, Holcomb, Huletts Landing, Huntington, Hurlburt, Jelliffe, Knight Mausoleum, Slavin, South Bay, Steele, Stockwell, Tracy, Walker, Wilbur. In Putnam: Blanchard, Free Will Baptist, Gull Bay Farm, Meadow Knoll, United Presbyterian.
Over 2250 names, maps, indexed, 92 pgs.

Easton, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
NEW 2002. Cemeteries include: Abel, Adelbert Coffin, Anderson, Baird/Lockwood, Benson, Bigelow, Bottom, Briggs-Tabor, Brownell, Butler/Wade, Carr Farm, Chapin/Meader, Chase, Cook, Delavergne/Harwood, Dennis, Duel, Easton Rural-Quaker, Freeman, Galesville, George Brownell, Gifford Burying Ground, Handey, Henderson Farm, Hoag, James, Norton, Osborn, Petteys, Pierce Farm, Potter, Rathbun, Reformed Church, Rich, Robinson, Rogers, Ross, Schnoop Farm, Slade Farm, Slave Burying Ground, Slocum, Snell, VanBuren Farm, Vandenburg, VanSchaick, Verbeck, Washburn, Wells Farm, Wilbur, Will Harrington, Williams, Wright Farm .
Over 1500 names, map, indexed, 68 pgs.

Fort Ann, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Revised 1999. Cemeteries include: Ashley, Blossom Farm, Brown, Fish Hill, Fort Ann, Gillett, Goodell, Granger, Haskins (Sheldon), Hogsback Mtn., Hogtown Road, Irish, Kibbee, Mills, Needhamville, Otis, Quarry Road, Sly Pond, Spicer, VanWormer, Welch Hollow, West, Weller.
Over 4700 names, indexed, 127 pgs.

Fort Edward, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
New in 1999. Cemeteries include: Ellis, Fort Edward Center, Riverside, St. Joseph's, St. Mary's, State Street, Union
24,000 names, maps, indexed, 445 pgs.

Granville, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
NEW 2009. Cemeteries include: Bethany, Congregational, DeKalb, Elmwood, Episcopal, Friends Yard, Green Meeting House, Hill, Lee Farm, Masonic, Mettowee Valley, Mount Carmel, North Granville, Old Yard, Prouty, Reynolds, St. Peter & Paul, St. Patrick, Tanner, Taylor Hill.
Over 13,500 names, maps, indexed, 312 pgs. Last in the Series for Washington County, NY

Greenwich, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
NEW 2001. Cemeteries include: Alpheus Barber Farm, Andrew Richards, Bert McKernon, Beveridge, Blake,Bottskill Baptist, Caleb Wright, Charles Rogers, Christie, Cossayuna, Daniel Tefft Farm, Dwelle, East Greenwich, Elijah Clough Farm, G.P. Lansing, George Fisher Farm, Greenwich, Hillman, Horace, Wright Farm, Horton Barber Farm, John Tull, Joseph Barbur, Judson Edie, Koert Foster Farm, Louisa Barber Farm, Nathan Tucker, Preston Sauerts, Salisbury, Sand Street, St. Josephs, Tefft, William Hartshorn
over 12,300 names, maps, indexed, 246 pgs.

Hampton, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
2009. Cemeteries include: Burdick (Hampton Flats), Hampton Hill (Warren), Low Hampton (Miller, Webster (Reed), Route 22A Hooker.
Over 900 Names, indexed, 26 pgs.

Hartford, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Revised 1996. Cemeteries include: Briggs, Dixson/Fuller, East Hartford, Goodell, Henderson, Mason, Moon, Morningside, New Adamsville, Old Adamsville, Old Hartford, Pratt, Sike, Sill, South Hartford, Townsend, West Hartford
3970 names, map, indexed, 108 pgs.

Hebron, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
2009. Cemeteries include: Baldridge, Belcher Methodist, Braymer, Burch, Button, Carey, Darrow, Downing, Duel, Eagleton, Fitzpatrick, Fuller, Glasier, Hannibal, Hopkins, Hurd, Methodist Church, Morehouse, Munson, New Hebron, North Hebron, Northup, Old Carey Farm, Old Hebron, Parrish, Porter, Shaw, Slateville, Smith, Smith Pond, Steve Sheldon's Farm, Tiplady, Vance, Wood
3390 names, maps, indexed, 118 pgs.

Jackson & White Creek, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
New in 2000. Cemeteries include: Ash Grove, Babcock, Barker Farm, Bowen,Briggs, Center White Creek, Chase, Cole, Cornell, Dutch Ref.Church, Fowler, Harrington, Hutchins, Jermain Hill Farm, Lake, Old Center White Creek, Old White Church, Quaker, Rosewood, School House, Wells or Coulter.
Over 2300 names, maps, indexed, 80 pgs.

Kingsbury, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Cemeteries include: Baker, Brayton, Colvin, Harris, King, Kingsbury, Moss Street, Saint Pauls, Vaughn, Wood, Zion Episcopal; NOTE: Hudson Falls, NY the largest village in Washington Co., lies in the Town of Kingsbury. However, the principal cemetery for Hudson Falls citizens is Union Cemetery which is in the Town of Fort Edward and is included in the Fort Edward book
2009. 11 cemeteries, 5950 names, maps, indexed, 145 pgs.

Salem, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
New 2006. Cemeteries include: Camden Valley, Cleveland Yard, Eagleville, Holy Cross, McNitt, Revolutionary War, Old Burying Ground, Evergreen.
Over 10,000 names, indexed, 184 pgs.

Whitehall, Washington County, New York Cemetery Records
Updated 1998. Cemeteries include: Brown, Bartholomew, Beckwith/Benjamin, Boardman, Brick Church, Burt/Benjamin, Collins, Elbow, Eldridge, Falkenbury, Gould (Cleamons), Greenmount, Griswold, Hatch, Hill, J. W. Collins, Juckett, Mansfield, Neddo, Old Adams, Our Lady of Angels, Perry (Pangmon Hill), Putney, Sciota, Turnpike Road, Virgil, Waldron Road, Williams Street, Wood Creek (Kinner), Wright.
Over 9215 names, maps, indexed, 235 pgs. limited reprint.

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