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WCHS Programs & Events - 2019

Below are programs planned to date for 2019. Our programming is open to the public, and we especially encourage our members to attend. Updated information and program additions are noted on the WCHS Facebook page. The programs we run, the services we provide, and the library itself all take support from you, our membership. Please encourage other history minded people to join WCHS so we are able to continue our current programs and start new programs to keep Washington County history alive.


The Washington County Historical Society announces the second year of the historic preservation awards' ceremony. The program will be Thursday, May 16th, 6:30 pm, at Bottskill Baptist Church on Church Street, Greenwich, New York. The program will entail an explanation of WCHS Historic Preservation Program, and presentation of two separate awards to the Bottskill Baptist Church and craftsman, Scott Thetford.

truss restoration

The ceremony will briefly review the Baptist Truss Project and Scott's Thetford's career which led him to help design and implement the truss project at Bottskill Baptist Church. The church trusses broke destabilizing the church. The congregation had three options: 1) to sell the church; 2) demolish the church; or 3) restore the trusses. The truss project was estimated to cost $250, 000. The church has a small congregation of 50 to 60 regulars. The congregation decided to raise the $250,000 by fundraising, social media and grant writing. Through the expertise and construction work of Justin Rushinski and Scott Thetford the project completed.

Scott Thetford and fellow contractor Justin Rushinski restored the trusses which led to the reopening of the church. Scott's career of restoration of historic buildings and metal-smithing allowed the successful completion of the very difficult project. There will be a brief review of Scott's restoration work as well as his craftsmanship over his thirty year career.

The ceremony is a celebration of historic preservation and the honoring of people who have worked to preserve historic structures. The program will be approximately one hour and refreshments will be served at the end of the ceremony. The program will be the final of the 2019 Cronkite Lecture Series. If you have questions please call (518) 747-9108, or email wchsbookshop@yahoo.com.