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These listings contain literature relating to Washington County NY history, genealogy, folklore and inhabitants.

2019 WCHS Calendar - Service, Sacrifice, and Spirit: Washington County's experience in World War I
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An Introduction to Historic Resources in Washington County, NY
A condensed well illustrated history of each town in Washington County, NY; an important book for research.
(1976) reprint 1984, softcover, 133 pages. $12.00

The Autobiography of an American Family
Edith Hay Wyckoff.
Includes the Real Story of the Dramatic Rescue of Solomon Northup! A chronicle dating from 1788 extracted from 150 letters and ten generations of the Northup family. The author provides detailed accounts of their move from Rhode Island to Washington County New York, daily life in Sandy Hill (Hudson Falls), New York, travels on the Erie Canal Packets, Civil War experiences and the rescue of the kidnapped Solomon Northup from slavery in Louisiana.
2000, hardcover & dustjacket, 61 illustrations, extensive index, 288 pgs.
$30.00, Reduced Price $15.00

Guide to Historic Houses of Worship
Ted Corbett.
Photographs and concise histories of twenty houses of worship in Washington County, NY.
1992, illus., soft cover (9"x5"), 32pgs.

Hartford, New York- Its Origin and Early Settlement
by Frederic K. Patton.
Reliance has been placed on deeds, mortgages, wills, legal papers, and other materials not readily available from common sources.
Illus. softcover, 104 pgs., pub. 2007.

Index to History of Washington County, NY 1878 - The needed Index. Sexton & Parrott, 1984, hardcover 79pgs. $12.00

Letters to Lura: 1850's Life, Death & Publishing and The Jane McCrea Story
by Doris Putnam Lasselle.
Lura Boies began her correspondence with Judge William Hay of Saratoga in 1856 and it continued until her death at the age of 24 in 1859.
2010. softcover, 177pgs.

Old days, Old Ways
Fred Stiles.
The popular, profusely illustrated and entertaining account of life around the South Bay area of Lake Champlain and Ft. Ann, NY in the early 1900's.
1984, hardcover, 136pgs.

Reminiscences of the 123rd Reg. N.Y.S.V.
Sgt. Henry C. Morhous.
A history of the regiment during its three years service in the Civil War. Appendix contains listings of the regiment. Originally published in 1879.
Edition limited to 750 in 1995, hardcover, 220pgs.

Sto-Lat - 100 Years on River Street (Hudson Falls and Glens Falls, NY)
Alice Loughlin.
Story of the Polish - Lithuanian settlement along the River Street area of Sandy Hill (Hudson Falls) and Lower Warren Street In Warren county.
1996, hardcover, map, 25 photos, 117pgs.

1853 Levey Washington County Map
Includes landowners at the time of the survey.
Reprint 21" x 29" printed on heavy paper.

Birds-Eye View Print of Fort Edward in 1759 (31" x 23")
Shows the fortifications - drawn by George LaMere, 1930.

1866 Atlas of Washington County, NY.
This is a CD consisting of 36 pages in PDF format with excellent definition. It is easily magnified to read individual property names and locations.